2.2- BSP Five Questions

  1. Who am I?
    • I am a daughter. I was raised by two loving parents. They always push me to be my best. I have a younger sister whom I love to argue with but also love to watch Dance Moms with. I am allergic to dogs, but my dog is my favorite thing in the world. I have always had a connection to music; it always can find the words for my feelings. I love to sing. I am a realist who tries my best to be an optimist. I am also a perfectionist; I focus on the details. I am a person who loves the idea of socializing but quickly realizes that their social battery drains very quickly. I am an introvert who with enough space, support, and kindness can be an extrovert because I love to laugh. I want to make an impact in the world, I want what I do to mean something, something beautiful.
  2. My values; A list
    • Respect
    • Hard Work
    • Support
    • Love
    • Kindness and Compassion
    • The water
    • Being able to connect with other humans
    • Dogs and Their Lifelong Friendship
    • Learning
    • Friendships
    • Music
    • The Earth
    • My life
    • Summer sun and the coziness in the autumn
  3. How do I learn?
    • Academically I learn through visual and hands-on work. I like to find a cozy study spot that makes me feel like the main character of a movie and turn on my Harry Potter soundtrack
    • It makes me feel more productive. I have also found that I love to procrastinate and that online classes are not helping that habit.
    • In everything else, I learn through mistakes, empathy, other humans, listening, and self-reflection.
  4. My worldview
    • I believe that there are many things that need to be improved in the world. Violence, prejudice, exclusion, mockery, hate, division, our health systems, war, the list goes on. Because I see this world for what it could be, for what it is in the happiest moments; beautiful. I believe the human connection is one of the most precious things there is. That we have others that we look out for, and they look out for us. I love the sunsets and sunrises; I love the breeze when you are sitting by the water. I am grateful for my life, that I am so privileged to have had these good experiences, and for the opportunity to see and believe that the world is beautiful. It makes me sad that others cannot, that others must face so many obstacles in their life.
  5. How do these all connect?
    • The things that I value have been influenced by my personal experiences; how I was raised, what I’ve done, what I want to accomplish, and the mistakes I have made. I think those factors also influence who I am, and my values also shape who I am. How I think of myself and what I value, influences how I view the world around me.





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