Module 2.1- My roles as BSP Scholar

As a Bailey Scholar, my role is to be a co-learner. Being a co-learner looks like different things all the time but mainly it means that as a co-learner we participate in discussion, create, and prepare a learning experience, ask questions, support one another, and work towards goals that we have for ourselves, the class, and the community. My responsibilities as a Bailey Scholar are to complete the core courses ANR 210, 310, and 410, complete 9 credits worth of classes that fulfill my vision learning statement, and complete service hours. The core courses help us grow as individuals who approach group work and learning with a different approach, with a mindset of gaining, opening new doors, learning a new skill, gaining leadership skills, interpersonal skills, etc. The vision learning statement is an artifact that details goals that we set for ourselves; these goals can be academic, career-orientated, social, etc. By taking classes that coincide with our vision learning statement we are one step closer to reaching the goals we set. The Bailey Scholars Program will give us the space and resources we need to become the best versions of ourselves and allow us to self-reflect and maybe challenge assumptions that we have had about society, learning, and even ourselves. This is in the form of the classes we are required to take as well as service events, social events, the learning allowance, and advising appointments. We also gain a closer connection to a certain network at MSU and feel like part of a community. Together through Bailey, we will grow as leaders and learners and be able to come together to start to implement changes that we would like to see in our community in so many different ways.





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