ANR 210 Module 3.1- Reflection on Leadership Development

Leadership; I believe leadership is an action, quality, or role that portrays being a role model who is a central voice of a group who either guides others on tasks as well as enacts some sort of change. When I say central voice, I do not mean they are the only person that is talking, I am saying that they are the speaker for everyone that they are leading. This person is the voice for everyone’s ideas. I believe that a leader should possess great communication skills, and the willingness to be open-minded and collaborative. I also think they should possess the ability to problem-solve and have a good attitude. Part of leading in my opinion, is to be able to motivate others and I think that will happen more efficiently if a leader is kind, upbeat, and passionate about what they are doing. I believe that a person who hogs conversation, is dismissive towards others, talks down to group members, etc. is not a desirable leader.

When evaluating the 7 C’s of the Social Change Model, I resonated most with congruence, civility, and citizenship. Congruence because I do believe I put forth my most authentic self and I believe that in order to be a leader, we must do so by not compromising who we are, but also not shutting anyone else down. I think that the best part of collaboration is that we are working with unique individuals across the board and that offers up plenty of different ways of thinking, and there are different skills that people bring to the table that should be admired and utilized. Civility because I value respect between people and kind collaboration. Finally, citizenship stood out to me because I really love to be involved in leadership because, every time I have had a leadership role, I have grown a stronger bond with that group and community and it has only made it more of a positive experience for me.





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