210 Reflection 1: Community Lunch

Our community lunch approached fast for me. The previous week I suffered some medical issues, so I guess it wasn’t at the forefront of my mind, and therefore I didn’t provide a dish. However, I think there is still a lot of learning and great experiences that can occur just by simply engaging. To be honest, I didn’t have a lot of deep thoughts about what I wanted to get out of the 210 community lunch, just that I was excited to try my fellow co-learners’ dishes and just chill with everyone.

My experiences during the lunch were great; after a week of not really seeing my peers, I got to catch up and have friendly conversations before the lunch. During lunch, I tried a lot of the different dishes that were made, and everything was amazing! I really liked the concept of our lunch because it showcased culture. Culture is so important because it shapes and influences our identity. It specifically connects with the five Bailey questions; who am I?, what do I value?, how do I learn?, what is my worldview? Knowing the foundational answers to these questions and reflecting within is so important that you know what your life experiences can contribute and how they fit in with others. It allows us to connect with our peers as well as learn from them. I personally loved to see the passion that some of my peers had for cooking and preparing their dishes as well as how important they were to them and it made it so much more meaningful to share in that experience.   


If you look yonder into the back right corner, you can see Paige and Corrine in the wild.





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