ANR 210: Reflect on another facilitation (Goal Setting and Vision Boards)

Before these facilitations, I knew that I had some experience with goal setting, I felt that I was pretty good at goal setting because I make to-do lists and I have a clear idea of what I want to achieve. So, I guess I hoped that maybe I would learn different ways to goal-set or maybe the facilitation would be more of a refresher of my previous knowledge.

I don’t think I did a whole lot to prepare for this facilitation. However, I was super excited to see what Emma and Noa were going to present and to participate in the activities they had planned.

This facilitation was probably one of my favorites that we did this semester! Both Emma and Noa did an awesome job of giving us clear and concise information and they both seemed very passionate about what they were talking about. During the goal-setting activity, I really liked how Emma first would present what she wanted to share and then lead us into the next reflection portion, she gave us ample amount of time to really reflect and think about our goals. Creating our vision boards was also very motivational for me. I felt really empowered at the end of this facilitation.

Through this facilitation, I learned how to better hone my reflection skills and goal-setting skills. I believe having a clear and constructed view of your goals and the motivations behind those said goals is good so that it helps to better build a plan to achieve them. When creating the vision board, I found that I was putting a lot of the same goals as on my Learning Vision Statement. I really liked this facilitation because I got to brainstorm and reflect on how I was going to achieve these goals to hopefully fulfill my LVS. I appreciate Emma and Noa’s facilitation for giving me the tools to construct goals and to help motivate me in school, work, sorority life, social relationships, etc. These skills are so easy to build, and I think that they are easy to use. I will be using them throughout the future.





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